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Commission members go through an application process and are appointed by the city council.

  • The commission works under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer and collaborates with city departments such as Sanitation, Code Enforcement, Planning, Parks and Recreation. We seek to engage the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and the Stormwater Commission, among others, to educate, communicate and empower city employees, citizens, and others to help further the mission, goals and objectives of the Commission. 


  • James Sanders Jr.

  • Andrew Nadzam

  • Pam Alexander

  • Brian McFarlane

  • Cari White

  • Daisy Freeman

  • Chad Chadwick

  • Jesse Ford

  • Dr. Russ Hannah

  • Lisa Tedder

  • Barbara Reng

  • Brandi Hodges

  • Brittany Mortin

  • Judy Casteel

  • Mary Ellen Warner

  • Beverly Parker (Director)

  • Dr. Charles Coleman

  • Nate Schimmel 

  • Caryl Steele

  • Richard Boss

  • Nicholas Wysocki

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