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Businesses Can Champion Efforts to Keep Property Clean and Tidy.

Pride of ownership is a motivational strategy that works whether

or not you own the property.

  • Dumpsters are a primary source of litter—keep the top closed. 

  • Focus on clean and attractive sidewalks, parking lots and entranceways.

  • Provide trash/butt receptacles to prevent litter hotspots, and make sure they are emptied regularly.

  • Contribute to recycling efforts for paper, plastic, metal, food and other items as appropriate.

  • Participate in e-recycling days hosted by local agencies or donate to nonprofits.

  • Educate employees about the benefits of reducing waste.

  • Beautify by installing and maintaining attractive, low-maintenance landscaping.

  • Creatively educate your customers on reducing and ending litter on your property. For instance, not everyone wants a shopping bag. Asking costumers if they want a bag is a courtesy. ​

If you want people to frequent your business, add clean, green and beautiful to your business plan!

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