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Your Actions Can Make A Difference.
Prevent Litter:  
Littering starts with people and a few simple actions can greatly reduce litter:

  • Prevent loose trash.

    • Place household trash inside a plastic bag before putting it in the curbside container.

    • Apartment or commercial dumpsters should remain closed and emptied regularly.

  • Stop loose trash from flying out of truck beds and trailers.

    • Arkansas law requires you to secure your load so trash doesn't blow onto the street or highway

    • Decrease your waste.

      • Cut down on what goes into the landfill by participating in Jonesboro’s recycling program. 

  • When you see Litter on the ground—PICK IT UP.  

    • Challenge your family and friends to do the same!  

  • Don’t toss garbage on the ground—DISPOSE OF TRASH PROPERLY ALWAYS! 

  • Keep a bag in your car for trash—NEVER TOSS TRASH OUT THE WINDOW!  

  • Dispose of cigarette butts properly—FIND AN ASHTRAY! 

    • Cigarette butts are the number #1 cause of litter and they remain in the environment for years.

In Jonesboro, certain actions contribute to Jonesboro’s litter problem. These easy steps can make a big difference:



Everyone can make a difference! 

From decreasing waste to composting, to beautification: everyone can help.

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