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Build a Sense of Neighborhood Pride.

  • Clean areas tends to stay cleaner because it sends the message that people care and are maintaining their property.

  • Promote a litter-free neighborhood with a zero-tolerance for litter.

  • Plant a tree, add a shrub or consider a neighborhood beautification project.

Did you know that litter decreases property values by as much as seven percent?

It can create the impression that an area is blighted or unsafe. What image does your neighborhood display?


Become the person in your neighborhood to promote cleanliness. Neighborhood associations often work with the city to enforce codes and better upkeep. 


More ways to help!

After the weekly garbage run, pick up any loose trash along your street. Remember, city ordinance requires residents to move trash bins from the edge of the street within 24 hours after pick up.

Consider hosting a regular neighborhood cleanup. Clean ups can be fun and help you get to know your neighbors!

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