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Legacy Landfill

“Legacy Landfill” is a nickname for the Craighead County Solid

Waste Disposal Authority (CCSWDA).


Arkansas is divided into 18 Solid Waste Management Districts and trash generated in a District must be disposed of in that District. By County ordinance, all trash generated in Craighead County must be disposed of within Craighead County. Waste is not accepted at “Legacy Landfill” from other counties nor is Craighead County waste accepted elsewhere.


The minimum tipping fee charge as of 4/1/2021 is $9.30 plus tax ($10.00 total) which covers under 460 pounds. 460 pounds and over is pro-rated at $40.25 per ton plus 7.5% sales tax. This amount includes a $.50 District assessment fee for Craighead County recycling programs and $2.50/ton of solid waste sent to ADEQ. Rates are adjusted each March 1st.


Residents of Jonesboro do not have to pay for waste disposal, except if they have any type of construction material. The City collects a one-half (½) cent sales tax, a portion of which covers sanitation for Jonesboro residents, including operating and disposal costs.


All of Craighead County residents can participate in the “Kurby” Blue Bag recycling program in some way.  Contact local City Halls for information. The landfill/Craighead County Regional Solid Waste Management District contributed $94,452.63 to the City of Jonesboro for their recycling program in 2020.  Other cities in Craighead County also received funds from the Craighead County District/Legacy Landfill for recycling.

Details on Legacy Landfill

The landfill is considered a governmental entity because it was set up with a special sales tax from the municipalities in Craighead County. The Authority is not actually a part of Craighead County Government Operations but a stand-alone entity dependent upon tipping fees to pay for operations. Residents and small businesses unload their waste inside a clean, covered building protecting them from the elements.


All waste generated in Craighead County goes to the Craighead County “Legacy Landfill” except shrubbery trimmings, leaves, and grass which go to the City of Jonesboro’s Incinerator Site at 2650 Lacy Drive. Contact: 870-932-7520.


Batteries, tires, metal, and electronics are accepted at the landfill but set aside for recycling rather than put in the landfill. Hazardous waste is not accepted at the landfill—nor is waste in liquid form/free-flowing.

Staff is available to speak to classes, civic groups, etc on landfills and recycling. Contact Angela Sparks 870-972-6353 Ext 4 or The Authority has a transfer station in Lake City for waste disposal.


Illegal dumping can be reported to the Craighead County Illegal Dumps Control Officer at 870-933-4551.

“Legacy Landfill” hours are 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday and 8am to Noon on Saturday.

You can visit Legacy Landfill online at You can also learn more on Facebook at  Legacy Landfill.

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