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Most of us remember the “Crying Indian” PSA as the iconic emblem of Keep America Beautiful’s initial campaign.

At the local level, there is tremendous value in donated media to share our message: Time to Fight Dirty. 

Our local newspaper, radio and television stations and magazines are powerful tools for educating the public.


Currently, our most basic need is to change behaviors about littering. 

From seat belt use to anti-smoking campaigns, media has made a vast impact on social and environmental issues. Our city will be Clean and Green when it becomes unacceptable to litter. 


Your media outlet can help by having a media plan to educate and inform the citizens about all things clean, green and beautiful.


Our local media family is indispensable in helping us advertise cleanup events, beautification efforts and other activities.


Contact us about becoming a part of our media plan!


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Check out our on-air interview with East Arkansas Broadcasters:

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