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   Time to Fight Dirty.   



Litter is more than just a blight on our landscape. Litter is costly to clean up and impacts our quality of life and economic development. Litter on the roadway and in our local streams eventually ends up in our rivers, lakes and oceans.


Preventing litter is the ultimate goal. Demonstrate that you have respect for yourself and your community by not littering. Help others understand the harm litter has on our community by helping to end littering in Jonesboro. We all must think about our environment differently and strive to make it clean, green and beautiful. Litter prevention starts with everyday activities.


How you can help:


  1. Community Cleanup
    The Great American Cleanup began as a litter cleanup initiative designed to aesthetically improve our environment by creating cleaner parks, streetscapes, and public spaces through litter removal and elimination. To this day, community cleanups remain at the very heart of the campaign, and the results are remarkable. In 2019 alone, over 40 million pounds of litter and recyclables were collected by volunteers throughout the country.


  2. Community Greening
    Our community greening and beautification efforts range from tree plantings that provide shade and sequester carbon, to flower gardens that create vibrant gateways into shopping and entertainment districts. We help create community gardens that feed the hungry and serve as outdoor classrooms for educating young gardeners.  


  3. Community Education
    Through a wide array of workshops, special events and on-the-ground service projects, leaders from our affiliate network and participating organizations are helping to change attitudes and behaviors toward the environment by engaging young and old alike.


  4. Community Recycling
    Keep America Beautiful strives to motivate more Americans to make informed decisions and take simple everyday actions to clean up, green up and fix up their communities by reducing waste, reusing items and recycling materials to keep them out of the landfill.