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   Recycling in Jonesboro.   

​Jonesboro’s Abilities Unlimited provides essential recycling services to our city while helping adults with developmental disabilities learn skills and become more independent. In addition to processing items picked up for recycling by the city, they accept donations of most household items for resale. The Burke Avenue Recycling Center (get directions) is also the only place in Jonesboro where residents can recycle glass.

Donation Drop-off Center
Donations are accepted and then provided for resale at three retail locations. Examples of items accepted at this drop-off center include clothing and accessories, home décor, toys, small appliances, furniture and other household items.

410 W. Huntington Avenue
(get directions)

Call: 870.932.4464

  • 24/7 drop service for donated items

  • 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. for full service

Recycling Center
The Recycling Center accepts all recyclables picked up curbside by the city (AND clear and colored glass that is dropped off at the Burke Avenue Recycling Center (get directions)  These recyclables include plastics, (#1 PET and #2HDPE), steel/tin cans, aluminum, cardboard, and paper.*  

NOTE: PET numbers (those seen inside the recycle triangle) of 3 or greater are NOT to be placed in recycling containers. Glass does not go inside the curbside container; it can only be dropped off.

806 Burke Avenue 
(get directions)
Call: 870.277.2772

Paper Shredding
This location handles newspapers, magazines and most clean paper products. Scheduled or one-time pick-ups for a fee or drop-off service can also be arranged. 

2725 N. Church Street
(get directions)

Call: 870.277.0100

Electronics Recycling
The drop-off site for electronics may require fees for recycling from businesses or commercial entities.

2725 N. Church Street
(get directions)

Abilities Unlimited
2725 N. Church Street
(get directions)
Call: 870.336.7376

*Residents are encouraged to decrease the consumption of plastics when possible as not all are recyclable.

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