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   Clean, Green andBeautiful.   

Know Our City's Resources That Help Efforts to Recycle, Reduce Waste and Beautify!

Our city government plays the most visible role in keeping Jonesboro clean. The City of Jonesboro provides trash and recycling pickup and street sweeping on a regular basis. City code enforcement oversees city ordinances on mowing, illegal dumping, and unsightly and unsanitary conditions.

Littering is against the law in Jonesboro and is a minor misdemeanor. Consistent enforcement of city ordinances will help deter and change behavior.  

Arkansas also has a tarp law. This law requires that hauled materials be covered to prevent them from blowing out of the vehicle. State litter laws and city ordinances help encourage responsible behavior.

Our City Government Proudly Offers These Services to Our Citizens:

  • FREE recycling once the container is purchased.

  • Legacy Landfill accepts non-vegetative waste including household items like furniture, large and small appliances and general household waste at NO CHARGE.

  • Code enforcement is the department that enforces and documents violations of city ordinances, including:

    • Unsightly and unsanitary conditions

    • Grass and weeds

    • Unlawful storage

    • Illegal dumping

    • Nuisance against public health

    • And more!

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